Population (people): 8,405,837
Number of stations: 468
Length (km): 436
Riders per annum (billions): 1.708


Serves: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island through MTA Staten Island Railway (SIR).


Routes: Numbered routes include the city_nyc_numberlines
Lettered routes include the city_nyc_letterlines

Number of subway cars: 6,325
Number of weekday train trips: 8,033
Subway car mileage: The fleet traveled 344.9 million miles in 2013

Types of stations: Underground (about 60 percent); elevated, embankment, and open-cut. *

Highest station above ground: Smith-9 Sts [F Line icon] [G Line icon] in Brooklyn, 88 feet above street level.

Deepest station: 191 St [1 Line icon] in Manhattan, 180 feet below street level.

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