Population (people): 10,117,909
Number of stations: 377
Length (km): 464
Riders per annum (billions): 2.563


The Seoul Metropolitan Subway has been described as the world’s longest multi-operator metro system by route length.The system was rated the world’s best subway system by CNN and other reputable news agencies and has been nicknamed “super highway” by the BBC.

Number of lines: 18
Length: 326.5 km (202.92 mi)


System type: metro (known as Subway)
Daily ridership: 6.9 million (2012)
Daily ridership per km(per mi): 21,100 (13,100)
24-hour operation: No
Air-conditioned trains: Yes
Walk-through trains: Yes
Rubber-tyred trains: No
Driverless lines: No
Platform screen doors: Lines 2 and 9, planned for all lines by 2010