Members of our consortium have launched several sub-projects. Below is a summary of each project to date:

  • Global City Sampling Day (Global CSD) brought together more than 400 individuals from across 39 cities to participate in the world’s first-ever sampling of their urban environments. We were able to collect close to 7,000 samples from places like the Danube Canal in Vienna, Austria to the subway system in Shanghai, China. We have also standardized all of our sample collection and processing protocols. We plan on processing and sequencing all of these samples and hope to present cross-city comparisons at the 3rd Annual MetaSUB Summit in Stockholm, Sweden!
  • The Olympiome project is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In order to understand the impact of global migrations on the microbial world, trained citizen scientists are venturing out into the Olympics stadium to sample the transit systems before, during, and after the Olympics. We hope to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the role of large-scale migrations on city-scale genetic and microbial dynamics.
  • MetaSEW and MetaBEA are two special projects headed by Gaston Gonnet, PhD in Montevideo, Uruguay. The primary objective of these studies is to decipher the microbial characteristics and functional diversity of bacteria in Montevideo’s sewage and beaches.