The MetaSUB International Consortium launches on June 21, 2016 the first annual Global City Sampling Day (CSD). In coordination with Ocean Sampling Day, scientists, researchers, and trained citizen scientists will be collecting samples from oceans and mass-transit systems around the globe.
The purpose of CSD is to have a standardized and coordinated collection of samples across all the MetaSUB hub sites. The data generated from these days will be used to address the key aims of the MetaSUB study:
  1. To create geospatial metagenomic and forensic genetic maps
  2. Identify and track antimicrobial resistance markers (AMRs) in the urban built environment
  3. Identify novel biosynthetic gene clusters (BCGs) for drug discovery
Follow live updates of the 2016 Global CSD @MetaSUB on twitter and check out our data map, updating live here. For access to the raw sampling data, please view the MetaSUB GIS Cloud map. Details and results of the Global CSD will be published online for everyone to view and review. Happy Swabbing and Discovering![/vc_column_text][/vc_column]