Metagenomics & Metadesign of Subways & Urban Biomes/

Even though the cost of sequencing is plummeting, it still is expensive to do for thousands of samples! We will use your support to fund the processing of samples, expand our research, provide educational resources, and give students and post-docs fellowships to work on the project. Your donation will directly help the educational outreach, laboratory reagents, and the labor required to extract, prep, and sequence the DNA/RNA.

Mapping the Urban Biome

We aim to build a molecular profile of cities around the globe to improve their design, functionality, and impact on health. Public transportation systems represent the densest interaction space for millions of people each day, and yet, there is little known about the dynamics of the microbiome and metagenomics profile on these surfaces, and most importantly, how these dynamics and our interactions with these surfaces can impact an individual’s health, as well as the health of a city.