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Have you ever wondered what microscopic creatures you and your family come into contact with everyday? Our world is filled with trillions of microbes that you interact with everyday – those you breathe in, or get on your skin by touching other people or surfaces. Yet, we are only beginning to understand them.

DNA on any given surface you touch usually has 50-60% unknown species. Thus, there is still so much more to learn about the microbiome (all microscopic organisms) and the metagenome (all genomes their DNA) living in the world around us. These microscopic organisms affect billions of hands every day, and knowing how these dynamics can affect and shape our health!

Where does the money go?

Even though the cost of sequencing is plummeting, it still is expensive to do for thousands of samples! We will use the money from this campaign to fund the processing of samples, expand our research, provide educational resources, and give students and post-docs fellowships to work on the project. The money will directly help the educational outreach, laboratory reagents, and the labor required to extract, prep, and sequence the DNA/RNA. To date, the MetaSUB project has largely been driven by high school, undergraduate, and graduate students working on a voluntary basis. Your money will generate stipends to support them as they continue to pursue their interests in science and research, notably as part of our work with Jeanne Garbarino in the Summer Science Research Program (SSRP) and the Community Research Education and Engagement for Data Science (CREEDS) Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

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If you are interested in donating to a specific project within our consortium, contact us directly and we will make sure your donation is used toward your interest.

Thank you to our supporters and donors!

We want to thank all of our funders listed on our crowdfunding page, all the MetaSUB laboratories and scientists, and support from our industry partners that collaborate and contribute to our efforts, including Copan, CosmosID, GISCloud, IBM, Illumina, OneCodex, Promega, QIAGEN, Isohelix and Zymo Research.   Most importantly, we thank you!