Population (people): 11,895,893
Number of stations: 67
Length (km): 75
Riders per annum (billions): 1.098


The São Paulo Metrô is the main rapid transit system in the city of São Paulo and the largest in Brazil. It is also the second largest system in South America and the third largest in Latin America, behind the Mexico City Metro and the Santiago Metro. The five main lines in the metro system system (Lines 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) operate on 74.8 kilometres (46.5 mi) of route, serving 65 stations. A sixth line, Line 15, is a monorail line that partially opened for service in 2014.

System type: metro (known as Metrô)

Daily ridership: 2.4 million (2012)
Daily ridership per km (per mi): 30,600 (19,000)
24-hour operation: No
Air-conditioned trains: All metro lines and regional rail
Walk-through trains: Lines 4, 5
Rubber-tyred trains: No
Driverless lines: Line 4 (since 2010)
Platform screen doors: Lines 2, 3, 4 (since 2010)