Population (people): 13,185,502
Number of stations: 295
Length (km): 316
Riders per annum (billions): 8.7


The Tokyo subway is a part of the extensive rapid transit system that consists of Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway in the Greater Tokyo area of Japan. While the subway system itself is largely within the city center, the lines extend far out via extensive through services onto suburban railway lines.

Number of subway lines: 13


There are two primary subway operators in Tokyo:

Tokyo Metro – Formerly the Teito Rapid Transit Authority (TRTA), it was privatized in 2004. Number of stations: 179
Number of lines: nine
Length: 195.1 km (121.2 mi)

Toei Subway – run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation, an agency of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Number of stations: 106
Number of lines: 4