We found a very nice venue for the 2018 MetaSUB meeting.

Please check it out:

For the duration of the event (13th to 15th August, 2018), breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. You just need to get there! Alcoholic drinks and extras have to be paid by the guests directly to the hotel at the moment of checkout. If you want to stay longer and/or to arrive sooner, please let us know ASAP (

IMPORTANT: the hotel has a “kids club” where young swabbers can spend their days safely and with a lot of fun (horse rides, a special swimming pool and a restaurant for the youngsters). Also, the hotel has a private beach and is very close (10 mins walk by the beach) to the TAMAR project a very nice center for the preservation of sea turtles (five species are preserved by them). Please find some time to visit them (tickets cost around US$8.00).


How to get to the Tivoli Hotel Praia do Forte

The closest International Airport is located in Salvador, the capital of Bahia State, in the Northeast of Brazil. SSA airport has straight flights from Europe and from some South American countries. Seasonal flights may be available during the event, due to vacation period in Europe and US. The hotel is located 50 mins away from the SSA airport.

If you don’t get a direct flight to SSA, the main hubs in Brazil (Sao Paulo – GRU or CGH airports; Rio – GIG or SDU; Campinas – VCP and Belo Horizonte  – CNF – as well as other cities) all have direct flights to SSA. It will take between 1:30 to 2h to get to there. Later on we will have updates on transportation between SSA airport and the hotel.



VISA to Enter Brazil

As a general rule, Brazil requests VISAS based on the principle of reciprocity of treatment given to Brazilian citizens. So, if your country of citizenship requires a VISA from a Brazilian to enter your country, it is likely that Brazil will require a VISA from you. Please be aware that you DO need a visa (either for tourism or business, even if you are coming for a short period) BEFORE entering Brazil. If you are not exempt and fail to show a VISA, officers will not allow you to board. If you are a citizen of countries such as the United States, Canada, China, Japan – a VISA IS REQUIRED. However, most European citizens are exempt. Please be sure to check if you need a VISA following the link below:

If the immigration authorities request your address while in Brazil, please use the address of Tivoli Hotel in Bahia, as follows:

Tivoli Hotel Ecoresort

Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil

Av. do Farol, 39, Mata de São João – BA, 48280-000

Phone: +55 71 3676-4000


The MetaSub-2018 meeting will take place during the winter, a period when the number os mosquitoes and the transmission of diseases is significantly lower. Also, Praia do Forte, the town where the meeting will take place, is not included in the area of yellow fever transmission. Though not required to enter Brazil, travelers wishing to be vaccinated may wish to consider receiving yellow fever vaccine prior to travel to Brazil. The vaccine rarely present side effects and is valid for at least 10 years. If you want to be vaccinated, please note that the yellow fever vaccine should be administered 10 days prior to travel in order for it to be effective.

More information can be found here: