Population (2015): 3,113,898
Number of stations (Line 1): 18
Total Length for Line 1 (km): 18.8

Underground: 73%

Above ground: 27%
Riders per annum (2015): 38,056,56

Construction works of the line 1 of Naples subway started in 1976 at Medaglie d’Oro station, but they were interrupted because of the earthquake in 1980. In 1985, the EU supported the construction and finally the first part of the line (from Vanvitelli to Colli Aminei) opened in 1993, followed by the part until Piscinola the year after. More recently, the new stations connecting downtown with the northern suburbs opened: Toledo (Sept. 2012), Garibaldi (Dec. 2013) and Municipio (June 2015). Naples Subway was administrated by the National Railways (1993-2001), Metronapoli (2001-2013) and is actually managed by ANM SpA. The 18 stations of the Line 1 have an average number of riders/year ranging from about 415,000 (Salvator Rosa) to 5,5 millions (Garibaldi).