Session 1: MetaSUB City Updates

Christopher E. Mason, Weill Cornell Medicine (MetaSUB New York City): 2016 Meeting of the Metagenomics and Metadesign of the Subways and Urban Biomes (MetaSUB) International Consortium

Marcus Leung, City University of Hong Kong (MetaSUB Hong Kong): City-Wide Assessment of the Microbiomes in Metro and Built Environments

Alexandra Graf, University of Applied Sciences (MetaSUB Vienna): Ready to Go

Briana Pompa-Hogan,University of California at Davis (MetaSUB Sacramento): Sacramento’s Lightning Talk

Emmanuel Dias-Neto, AC Camargo Cancer Center (MetaSUB Sao Paulo): Updates from Brazil MetaSUB & the Olympiome

Scott Tighe, University of Vermont Advanced Genomics Lab (MetaSUB Extractions Specialist): DNA Extraction Strategies for the Extreme Microbiome Project

Bharath Prithiviraj, Weill Cornell Medicine (MetaSUB Hyderabad): Sampling from a “Brand New” Metro: Hyderabad’s Completely Elevated Transit System

Nick Greenfield, One Codex: From Biobanks to Databanks: Exploring the PathoMap & American Gut Datasets in One Codex