Session 4: MetaSUB City Updates

Klas Udekwu, Stockholm University (MetaSUB Stockholm): The Stockholm Subway, Towards a Microbiome on Agar

Olga Nikolayeva, Independent Expert – Collaborated with Functional Genomics Center (MetaSUB Zurich): The Zurich Chronicles

Leming Shi, Fudan University (MetaSUB Shanghai): Updates from MetaSUB Shanghai

Torsten Semmler, Robert Koch Institute, NG1-Microbial Genomics (MetaSUB Berlin): SLIMM-Species Level Identification of Microorganisms from Metagenomes

Geoffrey Siwo, Data-Driven Healthcare, IBM Research Africa (MetaSUB Johannesburg): Steps Towards Mapping the Biomes of Johannesburg, A Model of Urban Renewal

Zie Xie, Sun Yat-Sen University (MetaSUB Guangzhou): Updates from MetaSUB Guangzhou

Amged Ouf, Senior Genomics Specialist, American University of Cairo (MetaSUB Cairo): Egyptian Subway Plan and Red Sea Metagenomic Projects

Benjamin Hemmelgarn, The Ohio University Moritz College of Law (MetaSUB Legal Expert): International Legal and Policy Parameters

Ebrahim Afshinnekoo, Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Medical College (MetaSUB NYC): Metagenomic Snapshots from Around the World